My roommate Willie, and I decided to take a trip down to Florida a few weeks ago so he could experience his first amusement park. Here is some of my favorite images from the trip. 



 "Hi my name is Mikey, mind if I take your portrait?"

"Sure, my name is Whefoo... i'm still working on my clown name."

"How long have you been clowning?'

"it's my first day."


Recently my friend Jovell stopped by the studio to help out during a portrait session, I  decided to return the favor by joining in on a session of his own yesterday. Here are a few photos I managed to snag.. 


       Yesterday, I had a big shoot planned with two models, a second shooter, and a videographer.... but unfortunately we had a last minute model cancelation. After some serious head scratching I contacted my good friend Natalie and with-in half an hour we were back up and running, here is a peek at what ensued...  ( with a special guest appearance from  Jovell )


  I purchased a fujifilm X100 about two weeks ago, despite reading some fairly negative reviews... at first I was unsure about its performance, but after I dug past its quirks and found a way to shoot on it that was suitable for my style, I have fell in love. Here is some test images I have shot over the past few weeks. Thanks. -MiKEY